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  • Car maintenance skills to avoid car failure in winter
    1. Air conditioning maintenance:Clean up at least once a monthEven if in the season that does not use air conditioning, it is best to also maintain the usage that turns on once a month, be beneficial to prolong its service life. When the air conditioner is used for a long time, the dust on the air
  • How to maintain your car drive shaft
    In order to ensure the normal work of the drive shaft and extend its service life, Attention should be paid to: 1. It is forbidden for cars to start in high gear.2. Do not lift the clutch pedal violently.3. Overloading and speeding are strictly prohibited4. The working condition of the drive shaft s
  • What are the symptoms when drive shaft damaged
    1. When The sudden change of speed in the driving of the car, or the drive shaft make metal knock,it mean that some flanges or universal joints have worn too much and need to be replaced.2. The drive shaft has a "clang" sound or noise disorder When the car starts or drive shaft made a clattering sou
  • Structure composition and operation of automobile driveline assembly
    The automobile transmission system is located between the engine and the driving wheel, which can make the power characteristics of the engine output suitable for the needs of automobile driving under various working conditions...
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 No. 80, Luling Economic Development Zone, Nangong, Hebei

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