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Car maintenance skills to avoid car failure in winter

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1. Air conditioning maintenance:Clean up at least once a month

Even if in the season that does not use air conditioning, it is best to also  maintain the usage that turns on once a month, be beneficial to prolong its service life. When the air conditioner is used for a long time, the dust on the air conditioner filter accumulates more, which will blow the mold that is harmful to human body into the car through the air conditioner. At the same time, it will hinder the air intake and greatly reduce the heating efficiency of the hot air. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner regularly go to the 4S shop to clean the air conditioner pipeline and air filter.


2. Tire maintenance:Pay attention to skid and explosion proof

The tire rubber becomes hard, relatively brittle, not only the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, but also easier to leak and puncture the tire In the cold winter.

Please be sure to check the condition of the tire frequently. If you find any damage or irregular tread wear, you must immediately go to the 4S shop to be checked by a professional.


3. Engine care:Use regular antifreeze, wash the water tank regularly, Warm up the car when you start.

Winter temperature plummets, if the vehicle does not replace antifreeze in time, the temperature below the freezing point of antifreeze will make the water freeze and expand, resulting in the freezing of the water tank, so that the engine can not operate.

Therefore, when owners replace antifreeze, they should choose regular antifreeze products whose freezing point is lower than the lowest temperature of 5-10℃ in the region to protect the normal operation of the engine.

Secondly, the rust and scaling of the engine water tank will limit the flow of the coolant in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation effect, lead to engine overheating, and even cause engine damage.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the water tank is also essential for engine maintenance.

Many novices do not know to warm the car inwinter,  warming the engine is essential.

The idle speed of the cold car will be very high , and it needs to be reduced to 800 RPM before it can be engaged a gear. Otherwise, it will not only damage the vehicle parts, but also cost a lot of oil in the driving.



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